OTEL Telecoms’ Internet via LTE adds another layer of reliability to voice-based business communication that remains an important part of daily commercial life.

LTE, or long-term evolution, is a 4G wireless technology commonly used to connect mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and data terminals to the web at very fast speeds. OTEL, a leading independent telecoms provider, says several concurrent voice calls can be carried on a single LTE SIM card connected to the company’s APN platform.

Its high bandwidth capacity and embedded security features means LTE is ideally-suited as a back-up carrier for an organisation’s voice telephony service. “High speed fibre is already incredibly reliable compared to copper wire technology that’s either being washed out or dug up. Add LTE to the redundancy mix and there is simply no way your phone service is going down today,” says Christopher Geerdts, OTEL Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The telephone call connects a current or potential customer to a live human voice and that means telephony will remain a critical business tool for the immediate future. “The fact is not everybody uses the Internet, especially in a developing economy environment like South Africa. Add this to the fact that voice adds that unmatchable personal element and you have at least two compelling reasons to prioritise voice telephony uptime with an LTE failover option,” explains Mr Geerdts.

The installation process for an LTE-based Internet service that can be used as a voice back-up is simple and requires as little as two hours to complete.

From a modest operation in 2008, OTEL is today a licensed business-to-business provider of VoIP & broadband Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. Its nationwide dedicated network and cutting-edge technology positions OTEL as one of South Africa’s leading telecoms providers with a specific focus on meeting the needs of SMMEs. Its wholesale and retail fibre solutions are designed to increase profitability and reduce downtime and include hosted PBX, free email, server hosting, cloud services, as well as full-featured call centre solutions amongst other value-added voice and data services.