Broadband provider Otel Communications is offering gated communities what it claims is South Africa’s most affordable voice rate.

CEO Rad Jankovic recommends that owners, tenants and managers of residential estates and business parks, fibre precincts and other complexes, switching from copper to fibre. Jankovic says Otel’s fibre-based voice and data communication within gated communities enables per-minute voice calling that is 65 percent cheaper than traditional fixed-line voice telephony.

Estate owners and managers can contact Otel for a customised voice and data deployment plan that taps into its quarter-million kilometre fibre backbone, says Jankovic. Otel is also looking for new wholesale channel partners. Resellers set their own sales margins. This creates annuity profit margins in excess of 50 percent on voice and data services, while still providing significant cost savings to clients, it said.