Making the switch to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables small and medium-sized (SME) business owners to realise a host of additional benefits from their new IP-based voice and data communications system, of which cost savings is just one.

“Lower communications costs are the single biggest driver for companies looking to adopt VoIP with average savings coming in at around 45% of current phone bills.

“However, a huge additional plus for SMEs is the ability to plug in enterprise-class phone systems to help the start-up punch way above their weight,” says Otel Communications CEO, Rad Jankovic.

“Foremost amongst these is 3CX, the gold standard of IP-driven switchboards,” adds Mr Rankovic. A tremendous advantage for SMEs is that 3CX functionality is hosted in the Cloud and available on any desktop computer or mobile interface.

“Yesteryear’s desk-bound PBX system is located in reception while the virtual 3CX platform is located anywhere. That’s critical for the very mobile small business still finding its feet,” says Mr Jankovic.

Otel’s ability to offer the world’s leading brand name communications platforms like the 3CX hosted switchboard solution means companies of all sizes can benefit from enterprise-grade unified communications platforms without the need for clunky physical equipment.

“Our flagship 3CX phone system is a unified communications platform that is finding growing favour with South African SMEs keen to keep voice and data costs in check during a critical phase of the business lifecycle,” Mr Jankovic explains.

In particular, 3CX enables SMEs to enjoy all the benefits of unified communications which makes the highly-convenient single inbox possible. Unified communications means the ability to reach employees wherever they are using whatever format is suitable at a specific time. “Unified communications delivered via 3CX is perfect for a start-up where some team members may be working from home or even at other positions,” says Mr Jankovic.

He briefly outlined three other benefits of the single inbox for SMEs:

  1. SMEs’ standout advantage over large corporates is that they are nimble. Nothing enhances this ability to respond faster than the competition than a single inbox that delivers voice, text, over-the-top and email messages to a single destination where they can be easily reviewed and acted upon – fast.
  2. Perception in business is everything. Multiple messages flowing into one inbox managed by a single start-up entrepreneur create the impression of multiple points-of-presence within the early-stage business. The impression is that many employees work within the firm, and this has certain advantages, especially when winning new business.
  3. The single inbox boosts proper control and better customer service because 3CX can be integrated with CRM and accounting software. Manage customers and invoices from anywhere in the world, via a single mailbox: what a productivity-enhancing pleasure!

Otel’s focus is on organisations with just a few users, right up to 10 000 and more users. It can guarantee faster and more cost-effective web access, and lower calls costs. The independent telco’s products enhance the customer experience by creating value through various managed services that together lower the total cost of ICT for both SME and enterprise customers.