Cloud is one of the developing advances that are soaring. Internet services and Voice over IP are also evolving and becoming cloud based. Previously the phone framework began with copper wires and links. Presently it has increased in size and has started supporting web administrations for better correspondence.

As a jump forward, these web based VoIP frameworks have moved to a vastly improved idea called cloud and these are known as facilitated PBX services. There are numerous service providers who offer these services at a reasonable rate. Here are a few points of interest where numerous VoIP service providers encourage clients to go for a cloud based solution.

Advantages of Hosted PBX System

Adaptability & Cost Effective – A hosted PBX system will reduce the costs of exponentially. If your company is in the position of expense cutting then a Hosted PBX solution is the way to go as these systems are reliable and cost effective. This solution has many advantages which can increase your company’s notoriety and will offer an improved structure which is conducive to a simplified structure of communication and mobile integration.

CloudAstrix Service Provider Edition

The VoIP business has prospered to a multi-billion dollar yearly income stream for telecom suppliers. Moving from legacy gear to new era VoIP changes has turned out to be restrictive before. However with the notoriety of the innovation developing, turnkey VoIP arrangements like CloudAstrix SPE have gotten to be conceivable.

Sponsored by a First Tier Carrier in OTEL Communication who share a promise to giving new companies and prepared VoIP Service Providers all around with superior, moderate and forefront advancements, CloudAstrix is a protected decision. Vist CloudAstrix

SIP Trunking

Exploit our minimal effort SIP Trunk line rental and call charges which are perfect of a wide range of telephone systems that can utilize SIP Trunks. Whether you require a IP telephony system for your Asterisk or VoIP Gateways associated with your Legacy (Analog) PBX, or need to use the VoIP capacities of your Panasonic, Siemens, Avaya, Samsung, LG, Toshiba or other brand of telephone system then our business quality SIP trunking systems are for you. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a VoIP perfect telephone framework you can at present exploit our low rates and line rental by introducing a VoIP passage which will permit you to route calls from your telephone system over the web to our SIP Trunk system. For small business clients with Analog or ISDN BRI phone lines you can join any prominent VoIP portal which offers VoIP G729 network for SIP Trunks and in addition branch office connectivity for free calls between offices.


There are numerous VoIP services out there, however not all ought to be put into one basket. VoIP has turned into an expansive industry with a wide range of innovative contrasts. You ought to pick the service that works best for your needs.

the course of recent years we have had various questions for a privately based business grade VoIP administration which is automated and simple to utilize. This venture was begun by Otel years back and was the first completely automated service in South Africa…Visit Hosted PBX

Cloud Based Products Available

  • Email and Website Hosting
  • Firewalls
  • VoipGuard
  • Office 360
  • Call Recording
  • Call Centre software
  • 1Cloud Hosted Pbx