IP Voice

The Latest Technology in IP Voice Telephone Systems

The latest technology telephone system technology for businesses is Voice over internet protocol referred to as VoIP or IP Voice. In most recent years, the only option available to businesses was phone service with very limited functionality. IP Voice telephone systems has changed the way we communicate. IP Voice systems are easy to install, cheap to operate and has many advanced features. This system can easily be connected to your existing broadband or wireless internet so that you can experience its immense advantages.

Features an IP Voice system offers

The fundamental parts of the IP Voice systems are the countless scope of elements it brings to the table. A large portion of these components are accessible for nothing, and you will just need to pay a month to month expense for these features. The IP Voice telephone system offers conference calling, call forwarding, queuing calls, voicemail, faxing and battery backup during times of power failure. If your business is growing you can certainly utilize the features this system offers to your advantage and ensure you cut costs while keeping up with the latest technology.


Unwavering quality is absolutely not an issue in these systems. It is an exceptionally stable communication solution for any business. In addition, the IP Voice phone system comes with audio attendant calls which can be effortlessly directed to the necessary extension. Henceforth, you don’t need to employ any secretary to deal with your calls, which thus will help you save money. Therefore, with regards to components and costs, IP Voice is dependably the champ. Get this system now you won’t look back.

OTEL Telecoms offers carrier class wholesale SIP Termination services over our dependable and completely redundant network, covering all major South African Operators as a First Tier interconnect partner. Our outbound service, which presently bolsters G.729 codec, allows you to exploit the best accessible call quality.

South African Termination

OTEL Telecoms provides a first level transit service to all South African operators to IP Voice Providers situated in South Africa and Internationally. Serving as an Inbound and Outbound transit path, OTEL Telecoms can give its own South African Number range and also select worldwide DiDs

International Termination

OTEL Telecoms offers a carrier-grade switching platform to bring you the best call quality and dependability.

Our custom built least cost routing engine empowers us to route our numbers strategically, giving you the best pricing for more than 1000 international destinations. We make vital associations with top telecommunications carriers around the world, utilizing our high-volume activity to negotiate aggressive rates

We offer two interconnection POPs in Johannesburg and Cape Town to furnish your business with the ideal cost and quality blend to address your issues. OTEL Durban interconnection POP will be running soon.

Call Rates

Wholesale Transit Rates are reliant on the volume, method of interconnection and other current services with OTEL Telecoms. A range of packages are available to allow you to select the one that will suite your company’s needs or strategy.

IP Voice with OTEL is quick and simple. OTEL has practical experience in Channel Partners, which means that we can get you up and running inside of 30 minutes. Our network infrastructure is in place, our systems are up and running, and our automated, on line ordering process gets accounts set up rapidly and proficiently 24/7.

IP Voice a solution for you?

IP Voice as a method for communication has excelled in today’s business sector. There are numerous private and business individuals who totally depend on IP Voice phone systems. Contrasted with PSTN systems that are utilized by the customary telephonic systems, IP Voice systems are effectively cheap and accessible. Because of the different advantages IP Voice provides, numerous companies have adopted a system of IP Voice for all their business needs. On the off chance that you are pondering what IP Voice can  do for you, here are a few scenarios where IP Voice systems are serving as the pioneer in satisfying the client’s requirements.

Scenario 1: Looking for cost saving?

The answer will be a major “Yes” for almost everyone. Cash is the main factor of what drives us to achieve a goal. All in all, what’s the most ideal approach to spare cash? One can begin by replacing PSTN systems with IP Voice systems. Because of some extensible features like hosted services, IP Voice offers the best of phone service to its clients. Furthermore, the primary point to be noted here is that all these are accessible at an affordable rate. The initial investment for a IP Voice system is also less.

Scenario 2: Do you make regular international calls?

International dialing is becoming essential, keeping in mind the end goal to stay in contact with our friends, close circles, business partners and different delivery units across different regions. IP Voice systems are the perfect ones in this situation as international calling should be possible at a cheaper rate.

Scenario 3: Reputation

At last, reputation matters for any successful business and having a IP Voice system will ensure your reputation remains intact as an adopter of latest technology.

Why should you join OTEL?

Save Money, Time and Hassles.
Outsourcing your VoIP infrastructure with OTEL is a great value. We provide what others won’t without large investment and long term commitments. It is estimated that developing your own fully redundant SIP service costs millions to build and much more to maintain, staff and support. That is before marketing expenses and new head count.
OTEL has a multi-million Rand technical infrastructure already in place: direct inter-connects, multiple and redundant Fibre connections, dozens of powerful servers, Cisco switches and routers, backup power generators and much more. This level of technology would be prohibitively expensive for you to create on your own and only a small handful of other VoIP providers in South Africa can offer it.

Save Resources
OTEL can help you free up your resources to do other things in your business. Keeping up with ever changing technology requires an enormous amount of time and human resources. We have highly trained, knowledgeable support staff in place to operate the systems, provide technical support, and manage the entire operation 24 hours a day, every day. Duplicating our commitment to VoIP is a tall order for most organizations.

Save Time
VoIP with OTEL is fast and easy. OTEL specializes in Channel Partners, which means that we can get you up and running within half an hour! Our network infrastructure is already in place, our systems are already up and running, and our automated, on-line ordering process gets accounts set up quickly and efficiently around the clock.

OTEL offers only the best quality IP Voice devices from Yealink