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more Solutions

Leading end-to-end solutions that create massive value

Huge Networks philosophy is to provide leading ICT solutions to our clients that always generate value with a goal of providing more value for less money. Whether it be new and super fast fibre or microwave links, or latest IP equipment that is feature reach and can improve your business’ operational performance and profits or whether it is hosted services and crystal clear voice, we have a stated objective to create value in your business by providing more for less.

With a wide variety of solutions and services available and with every industry requiring a different solution Huge Networks is always in the process of testing and rolling out new Technologies within our technical environment.

Some of our latest projects see Huge Networks Installing full network, Internet and WI-FI solutions in shopping centres like Green Valley Shopping centre and Bryan Park shopping centre along with a WI-FI solution for all patrons of these shopping centres.

Key Benefits:

  • Small enough to be flexible but large enough to provide national infrastructure. 
  • A Network Operations Centre with 24/7 support
  • Teams of experts in the fields from ICT to Finance
  • Crystal clear voice
  • Latest IP equipment