Network Services

Network services

Otel is making it easier than ever to have a complete end-to-end internet and communcations solution

As part of Otel’s offerings, we provide solutions to any industry and have specialised solutions for business parks, property developments, the mining sector and more. These services include full end-to-end solutions that are rolled out over a period as per a stringent project plans.

With a specialised projects team, Otel is connecting more businesses and ensuring they are provided with a real end-to-end solution.

Services we offer:

  • Full on-site network installations
  • Failover solutions
  • Fibre reticulation in business, office and industrial parks
  • Wireless rollout to remote locations
  • Peer-to-peer network installations and management
  • GPON network installations

Value-added services:

  • Server hosting
  • IVR recording
  • Otel on Hold
  • Office 365 Business


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