Otel is an end-to-end, licensed information and communications technology (ICT) company.

Since we understand that innovation is fundamental to keeping your clients and employees happy which thusly directly affects your business success in today’s ultra-focused environment, we spend significant time in providing you with top quality broadband, voice as well as cloud based services and related ICT related equipment.


Solutions we offer

Hosted PBX system

The PBX sits in the cloud and is thus managed off site which means that 90% of the issues can be resolved without a physical visit to site, improving response times and reducing costly call outs (Click here for video)

IP Voice or VoIP

Crystal clear quality voice due to our quality last mile technology

3CX is an complete IP telephony solution with a call centre solution which helps you to manage your inbound and outbound calls, provides useful statistics and improves quality of service though benefits of having voice loggers, etc
(Click here for video)

Super-fast internet via fibre, VDSL or quality wireless solutions that is up to 200 times faster than an average ADSL line

SIP Trunking service by OTEL

Sip trunking gives access to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over the Internet Protocol (IP). Unlike in conventional telephony, where physical wires were once conveyed from the telecoms organization to a business, a SIP trunk works over a current broadband or rented line permitting an organization to supplant their customary settled PSTN lines with PSTN availability by means of a SIP trunking administration supplier, for example, OTEL.

How it works

SIP Trunks are connected to a client’s present phone system which is either an IP enabled PBX or by utilizing a Media VoIP Gateway, typically a more traditional PBX. Active calls are then routed through the PBX and out by means of the SIP Trunk as opposed to utilizing conventional telephone lines.

The Benefits

SIP trunks offer critical cost saving, eliminating the need for costly analogue ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces). SIP trunks offer the adaptability of having the capacity to route various calls from your current local numbers, anyplace on the planet, to any national or international number inside of your organization at the same expense. So a call to a Durban number may be answered in Los Angeles or NewYork for example. SIP trunks permit home workers to be associated with the main office utilizing the internet permitting straightforward client communication. SIP trunks can interface intraoffice PBXs dispensing with the expense of intra office calls and offering the function of routing overflowing calls to different workplaces at peak times.

Costing and Billing

  • OTEL offers an integrated pre/postpaid real time billing and costing engine with call cut off.
  • Unlimited adaptable charge plans for your customers if you chose the wholesale model.
  • Blocked, flat rate, single rate and multi-tier rating (vary rate based on call duration
  • Costing by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination
  • Ability to vary the scale of a minute at different intervals of a call.

Real-Time Control and Monitoring

Today’s focused atmosphere requests that organizations direct their operations progressively particularly when it concerns system security, credit approval, rating and charging. OTEL Telecoms Trunking solution makes your business more proficient and effective by performing its core functions continuously bringing about enhanced income and reduced collections. The world class automated framework will guarantee your administration is one step ahead of the opposition.

Multi-Vendor Device Support

  • Gateways
  • Softswitches
  • Session Boarder Controllers
  • Proxy Servers
  • Softphones
  • SIP phones
  • IADs


  • Centralized Reporting Engine to allow reports to be managed from within the portal Includes Live Call Flows

Free Trial

OTEL offers a free 30 day trial as we believe that seeing in believing.

Quick and convenient

We are an licensed carrier-grade wholesale VoIP provider offering amazing SIP trunking and DIDs (telephone numbers) at the most aggressive rates. Our service is extremely adaptable and scales from the VoIP specialist to the biggest call centres. When you sign up with us, you get quick access to the best management panel available to get your calls live inside of minutes. You will be able to buy DiDs (numbers), manage trunks, view call records in real time, review statistics, and more.

How does O-Tel’s Billing work?

We run a prepaid service where you must keep a positive account balance to avoid service interruption. You can purchase services and airtime 24/7/365 via secure EFT while logged into your O-Tel Client Area.

Outbound Traffic

We have designed our offerings around a no nonsense policy that we hold near and dear. There is no contract. We have thoroughly gone through our system to ensure that our offeerings will give you the ultimate flexibility and the best price.

What protocols do you support?

Currently only SIP is supported.


Our cutting edge system permits you to buy and manage your DIDs. You can buy single DIDs and also DID blocks. With the VoIP Control panel you are able to oversee and manage a large number of DIDs easily.

What areas/provinces can I purchase DiDs in?

OTEL has National DiDs thanks to its nationwide  service deployment. OTEL’s current offering included the major cities codes, such as 010, 012, 021, 031, 041 and 051. Other number codes include 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 022, 023, 027, 028, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036, 039, 043, 044, 045, 047, 053, 054, 056, 057, and 058.

Can I Port number to OTEL?

Yes, we allow ports. Port orders into O-Tel are R179 for single-number orders. Port orders with up to 100+ contiguous numbers are R79 per number plus R699 admin fee. You will find the online Porting Application here: http://www.otelafrica.com/links/number-porting-form

Does OTEL pass Caller ID?

We pass Caller ID, but do not guarantee successful transmission. We are able to transmit Caller ID to all parts of South Africa as well as to some countries abroad.

How do I set the Caller ID I wish to transmit?

We transmit Caller ID based on the presence of one of the following header fields in order of preference: “P-Asserted-Identity”, “Remote-Party-ID” or “From:”.

Can I call Telkom 0800, 0860, 0861, 102x and 10111 numbers using your service?

Yes, we can terminate calls to these numbers via cross connect.

Do you sell or give out personal information of our customers?

No, we take our customers’ privacy very seriously and do not release customer information.

VoIP SoftSwitch for Service Providers

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Multi-layer reseller support (Unlimited) Resellers can add/edit/delete Customers Reseller can add their own rates Reseller portal


IP termination SIP authentication Prepaid and Post-paid Real-time billing block calls on negative balance (prepaid) or balance under credit limit (Post-paid) Limit the maximum number of calls per customer and/or per gateway Multiple contexts Extensive media handling options.


Track which of your calls through each vendor should have cost. This assists in ensuring that all billing is correct. You have a Provider login page which allows you to set call costs. Provider cost protection, if selling price is lower than provider cost, it will not allow the call to terminate.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Call detail Reports for Customer
  • Reseller
  • Provider
  • Call Summary & Switch Reports List Errors
  • Trunk Stats
  • Live Call Report

Call Rating Capabilities

  • Real-time Freeswitch billing
  • Batch billing
  • Unlimited number of pricelists
  • Very flexible call processing
  • Powerful and flexible regex pattern matching applies the correct rate

Credit Control

  • Allows you to control the length of your users calls
  • Keep prepaid users from spending more than they have purchased

DID Management and Mapping

Dynamically map incoming DIDs to the correct user via the web interface Impose credit controls on incoming DIDs. Dynamically assign extensions to users. Handles monthly billing for DIDs.

Least Cost and Failover Routing

Provider add/edit/delete Add multiple SIP Providers Provides redundancy based on cost Powerful regex based LCR engine Limit the number of simultaneous calls per trunk Multiple trunks per provider Costs for provider routes based on area code Limit max channels by each provider.